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PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately the MouseMove App doesnt work anymore after updating your iPhone to iOS9. We are working on an update of MouseMove and will make this available soon.

Mouse Move prevents your pc from automatically logging off - without installing any software on your computer!

Mouse Move - The FIRST App that interacts with your optical computer mouse directly. It moves your mouse cursor automatically over your computer screen. Just download the App, start it, place your mouse on the phone screen and enjoy! Mouse Move works with every optical mouse. No need to install any 3rd party software on your pc or mac to let your cursor dance over the screen, just get the App and your computer is prevented from automatically logging off. Its simple, its cool, its moving!

It's 100% save!

No need to install any software on your computer to let your mouse cursor move! Just use your phone!

It's an App!

Just download the App, start it and let your phone do the mouse cursor boogie!

It's magic!

It works with every optical mouse. Just turn it on and relax.

The MouseMove App in action!
Check out this VIDEO

1. Start the App and click on START Button.
2. Put the mouse (make sure using an optical mouse) on the Screen
3. If the cursor doesnt move immediately, please tap the mouse a bit until the cursor starts moving

More Mouse Move Support Videos

Supported mouse types

We have tested Mouse Move with several mouse types, nearly all mice we have found. Unfortunately laser mice are not supported and if you still use a mouse with a trackball, we're really sorry. Optical mice in all dpi ranges we have tested successfully so you can be sure your optical mouse will be supported by the MouseMove App. If you have any issues, please drop us a line in our contact form. Also please check the MouseMove support video section for a step by step introduction. It's really simple.

Note: MouseMove only works with iPhone4 / iPhone5 also an optical mouse is required to make it work.

Mouse Move App Store Mouse Move App Store